We started our operations in year 2000 and our Company was incorporated in year 2003 and recognized by ministry of religion affair in year 2004 and hajj quota was allocated. We have the vast self experience of traveling to Saudi Arabia and clear concept of serving the Guests of Almighty Allah. As we faced several traveling irritants and identified this needed through understanding and deliberated professional solutions.

The core concept behind the establishment of Diyar-e-Madina Travel & Tours (Pvt) LTD is that most of available Travel Councilors could not meet all traveling challenges of Hajj and Umrah properly due to the lack of knowledge and experience required to properly serve the Hajj & Umrah travelers. At Diyar-e-Madina Travel & Tours (Pvt) LTD we have a view to serve the Guest of Allah by offering the finest and clearest solution and facilities to perform Hajj and Umrah. To meet our promises and honor the commitments are the key to success. We provide all possible facilities and handle your travel problem professionally when you are performing Hajj or Umrah.

Diyar-e-Madina Travel & Tours (Pvt) LTD is not only offering travel & tourism packages to perform the Hajj or Umrah travelers but visit to holy places as well. We draw this platform in modern way and have connected digitally to the all concerned department of travel industry and concerned ministries.We possess dedicated, experienced and self motivated personnel who believe in religious and social norm and practice it.

The objectives for which our company is established are all or any of the following

  • To carry on the business of Hajj & Umrah.
  • Tour Operators approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Minorities.
  • Tours are subjected to any permission required under the law and provide facilities to pilgrims in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia such as
    • Traveling
    • Residence and hotel
    • Visits to holy places etc
  • To arrange different tour groups for visiting the holy places of Islam in different Islamic countries
  • To introduce different types of Hajj & Umrah Packages for Pilgrims and visitors
  • Cheep and affordable packages according to Pilgrim’s needs